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Est. 2022

48 Wellesley Road Great Yarmouth NR30 1EX

Accredited and working with 

Norfolk and Suffolk county councils

"My son loves this place and he has come on so well since being there. This is the best place he has ever been to and enjoyed and felt welcome, and he enjoys going" Client's family









We are a day centre specialising in learning disabilities, complex health needs, epilepsy, special educational needs and autism. We have vast experience in supporting individuals to live wonderful, independent lives in our inclusive, diverse and extremely understanding service.


We are based in a large house setting with lots of different rooms to cater for all likes and interests. The house is completely wheelchair accessible with a large lift and widened door ways. We are situated a stones throw away from Great Yarmouth seafront and intend to access the community whenever we can.


We predominantly support adults but also provide short breaks for young people aged 10+ with additional needs and Christmas holidays 2023, we will be providing Big Norfolk Holiday Fun for SEND Children aged 10 years +

Click here for more info on Big Holiday Norfolk Fun 

Click here for more info on Short Breaks

"A very professional and warm service that provides a person centred approach to care and engages well with other agencies such as family, carers and Services such as Community LD Services." Health care professional


Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, inclusive and accepting service for all

We provide a wide range of support which is all person centred and individual to the person’s needs;

  • Daily living skills education

  • Support with inspiration and work exploration

  • Cooking and baking

  • Community based activities 

  • Housekeeping and home tech

  • Support to manage finances

  • Promote and support purposeful and achievable goals

  • Social skills and enhancing and building on current skills

  • Education such as support with basic Maths, English, Reading & Writing



The social hub of the house where we envision people will sit on arrival and catch up with other Clients and staff before deciding what they would like to do for the day.
Light and airy which has a positive effect on mood and mental health.
A minimalistic space – Tidy room, tidy mind, which plays an important role in general wellbeing. The room has a dimmer switch installed so the main room lights can be adjusted.



Completing laundry is an essential life skill and key in boosting self-esteem and self-care, particularly in individuals who may be at risk of self-neglect.  We have created a laundry room for individuals as we recognise this to be essential in progressing towards independence. Clients can use this facility to wash, dry and iron* their clothing or supplied items, in a safe environment with support from staff. The room is equipped with a washing machine, tumble dryer, iron and ironing board. As well as learning how to use the equipment individuals will be taught and supported with COSHH safety and handling.



This room will be equipped with all utensils and cookery items to make cakes and meals. This is a bit of an overflow room from the kitchen* but also enables us to make this more wheelchair friendly with low level workspaces, chairs for individuals who may not be able to stand so long in the kitchen and those with additional sensory needs who may just need more space. We feel that this makes the enjoyment and independence of learning cookery skills fulfilling for everyone who may use our service. As well as cooking in this room, education will take place about food hygiene and safety, temperatures, cleaning eg. Within each person’s support plan we would request special family dates where staff can support to make teats for loved ones on their special occasions, supporting them to maintain relationships.
Our vision is to have low level work tops around the perimeter of the walls with cupboards underneath to store all cookery items. Food safety posters and menu ideas.



We have created an inside garden sensory room which is a communal area for individuals to enjoy come rain or shine. Our multi-sensory environment will help those with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, Autism and/or an impairment, develop and engage their senses, in a safe, homely, and convenient environment that will build up their confidence and abilities. We feel it is a bright cheerful, interactive, happy and tranquil space. There is multi-sensory equipment which combines a range of stimulation including colours, lights, sounds and soft play objects and aromas.



From experience, it is sometimes difficult for individuals with Learning Disabilities and additional needs to visit the Cinema for a few reasons whether that be, sensory overload, their short attention spam or whatever the reasons, we have designed this space for individuals to be able to able to relax and use as an alternative Cinema or to help build up confidence to attend a community Cinema.
Our vision is to have individual comfortable seats and a large smart TV with access to Disney+ and Netflix to broaden the variety of films to suit everyone’s taste and interests. The room will be dark but with the ability to lighten should individuals find this more comfortable. Sound equipment will be sought to suit a variety of sensory needs.



This room has been designed as a bit of a fun environment with a pool table, dart board and games such as board games, cards, jigsaws, puzzle books, lego, building blocks etc. These activities help to stimulate the brain and all-important gross motor skills. Individuals will feel a sense of achievement and triumph aswel as engaging, positively with other people.
Our vision is to have age-appropriate games in a relaxed atmosphere with neutral décor, table and chairs, sofa and large bean bags. An Alexa will also be available should individuals like background noise.

IMG_6213 (1).jpg


Another fun room with engaging and positive activities such as sewing, croquet, colouring, painting and again items can be made to supporting maintaining relationships such as birthday and Christmas/other festivities cards. Our research concluded that arts and crafts help boost self-esteem, morale and confidence which are beneficial to emotions when dealing with stress and challenges. Therefore, we felt this room is important.
Our vision is to have tables and chairs in a nice bright room with good lighting. Also, lots of draws and storage to clear items away. Named storage spaces for individuals who may like to work on longer term art projects



This is a room we have designed to be very calm with a relaxed environment where people can find their inner zen. 
Our vision is to have an Alexa where we can connect calm and tranquil music to set the tone and also podcasts. We have a beauty bar and nail table, foot spa and face packs for the ultimate relaxation experience. 



This is a very exciting room and extremely necessary. This room will be used to teach and build on life skills which are essential for independent living.
We have a computer and a relaxed environment to learn about everyday life skills such as basic Maths and English, money management, communication skills and daily living skills. We hope this will help people to become more independent and, in some cases, seek work and further education opportunities. We also have a bedroom set up where we support individuals with making beds, ironing, hanging items and general house management. 


We will be running a non-profit tuck shop from Seabreeze where individuals will be able to use real money and budgeting methods to purchase treats that we have for sale. Treats will include snacks such as crisps, chocolate, pringles and fizzy drinks but we will also be asking our clients what they would like to see in our shop and if they would like to work in it, serving customers!
We hope that this will increase budgeting and life skills and give someone, who maybe doesn’t have the confidence to purchase things in a shop currently, the empowerment to achieve this in a communal shop.



Seabreeze is perfectly located in central Yarmouth but also has transport for any activities which are further afield. 

Community activities 

  • Bowling

  • Cinema

  • Swimming

  • Shopping

  • Arcades

  • Beach trips

  • Country Walks

  • Norfolk Broads

  • Theme parks

  • Work experience

  • Library 

  • and so much more!


We have a lot of outside space and other areas that can be utilised but currently we have a rear and front garden. The front garden is wheelchair accessible so will suit all needs. We would like to enjoy the outside space in the summer and have BBQs.
Our vision is to have nice outside seating areas and pretty ornaments to be enjoyed, home grown plants, fruits and vegetables which the clients can nurture and grow. We are opposite Wellesley recreation group which allows access to lots of green, open space including football pitch and running track.


Opening hours are currently under review and will be decided around individuals needs. We are keen to offer longer days of support and also availability at weekends. We would love to hear from anyone thinking about using our service and what hours would suit; this well help us design our new service.

We will also be offering evenings out, activities in house and drop in sessions.

IMG_6215 (2).jpg



We have different packages available to support each individuals needs whether this be 2:1, 1:1 or less ratio support. Before joining us our Manager will meet with you and your loved ones/carers to conduct an assessment to assess your needs, wants and wishes. We will then put together a bespoke package which will be individual to you!


During assessment we will discuss what is important to you and what you would like to achieve. We can then support you with your aspirations and dreams. We work together with other professionals to seek the best possible outcome for you.



We can support you with the following but not limited to 

  • Positive Behaviour Support

  • Individual goals and aspiration planning

  • Education and work opportunities

  • Administration of medication

  • Epilepsy 

  • Complex health needs

  • Communication needs

  • Purposeful and meaningful activities and interaction 

  • Support in the community and work placements 

Our people work for Alex Davis because they want to be here. We have a rigorous recruitment process which ensures potential staff are applying for the right reasons. We have a formal interview of questions.

Once an applicant is successful at interview, we then ask for 2 references. If contained within their employment history are any care occupations, we additionally ask these for references. All staff are subject to enhanced DBS checks for Adults & Children.

Our staff are given an induction, and foundation training. This includes relevant training and we feel the following training is paramount to achieving a safe and well environment;

  • Fire safety

  • First Aid

  • Food hygiene

  • Infection control

  • Health & safety

  • Moving and handling (Client specific)

  • Safeguarding Adults & Children

  • Autism

  • Epilepsy (Client specific)

  • Behaviours that challenge


  • Dignity in care

  • Duty of care

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Learning Disabilities

  • GDPR

  • Nutrition and Hydration

  • Person-centred care

  • Hand hygiene

  • Positive behaviour support

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