"I love my home at The Royal and the staff. Everyone is nice to me and make me coffee. Staff take me out all the time and do parties for my birthday. I have been to Spain with staff."


"I began my journey as an apprentice at The Royal a little over 6 years ago. During my time here, I have flourished into my career with the collective and continued support of the management team. I am truly humbled to work for and with such a wonderful company, whom have given me many opportunities to continually grow in my career."

Elise Rideout
Senior Support Worker


"Working for Alex Davis care group has absolutely changed my life and the way I view things in life, when I came to the company I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box, I was taught everything I know and that’s all down to the Manager and the rest of the staff at The Royal. They have supported me with my transition from female to male and have treated me with respect and always help out when and where they can. I wouldn’t choose any other company to work for. The Clients are absolutely amazing and get cared for in the best way possible. I will always thank the company for making my life so much better and worth living for. Not only do they make you welcome but they’re the best people to work with."

Macauley Rogers
Shift Leader, Support Worker